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Soccer  Motivational patches - Special Coaching Pack (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE) image

Special Coaching Pack

NOTE: BLACK AND WHITE BALL PACKS ARE OUT OF STOCK       You can use these patches to motivate your players to come to practice sessions regularly (a favourite of mine is to give a patch to players who turn up for six consecutive practice sessions early or on time), to encourage a 'be first' mentality, to encourage them to practise on their own, for good defence, for listening to you.....or for anything you want to encourage. Read more...


Soccer  Motivational patches - Patches Stars (40 Patches)  image

Patches Stars (40 Patches)

These 40 coloured stars give you ample opportunity to reward your players in four different fields. Red for courage, green for teamwork, yellow for passing, blue for effort... the choice is yours! Read more...


Soccer  Motivational patches - Patches Red Stars (10 patches)  image

Patches Red Stars (10 patches)

Give these star patches to players who have shown the most improvement in one area of the game – not just the 'best' player. Read more...


Soccer Ability Dribbling Speed Agility Reactions Motivational patches - Patches Balls (40 patches) - (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE) image

Patches Balls (40 patches)

NOTE: BLACK AND WHITE BALL PACKS ARE OUT OF STOCK     Whether it's learning to find space, to 'give and go' or master a new turn, the prospect of earning a patch really does motivate children to try their hardest.  Remember, not every child can be a good athlete, but every child can work hard and be brave.   Read more...