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Success in Soccer Playing and Practising with Six to Eight Year Olds

Modern youth training

Official coaching DVD from the German Soccer Federation. The information is suitable for 6 to 8 year olds and includes indoor and outdoor training sessions covering basic soccer skills, such as dribbling and passing.



Age: 5-8




Skill level: Beginner

Full Description

This DVD contains the following:

  • Building Blocks for play sessions
  • General movement training
  • Soccer-orientated movement training
  • Soccer-specific technique training
  • Playing soccer


Training fundamentals for indoor sessions

Section 1

Free play/welcome/solo exercises with the ball

Exercises for better dribbling

Partner exercises and competitions

Motivational game: Fish and the fisherman

Ball gymnastics


Section 2

Movement exercises with the ball

Movement exercises with vests

Simple football games

Concluding game


Training fundamentals for outdoor sessions

Key concept: Dribbling

Key concept: Faking

Key concept: Passing

Key concept: Shooting

Key concept: Tag

Simple soccer games

Planning a practice session

Age-appropriate matches

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