Soccer Attack - 80 Shooting and Finishing Drills

Soccer Attack!

80 Shooting & Finishing Drills

A collection of 80 shooting and finishing drills covering every aspect of attacking play. These soccer drills train your players in a range of attacking positions and include unopposed build up and combination play drills, which progress to opposed drills and small sided games. (Coaching Manuals PDF version).


Coaching Manual (PDF)

Age: 8-11, 11-16, Adult


Skill level: All

Full Description

Soccer Attack! can arm your players with the skills, techniques and confidence they need to create that all important goal.

Why use attacking drills?

  • They offer a solution for nearly all attacking problems
  •  They mirror game situations, helping your players make the right decisions in matches
  •  They train your players in a range of attacking positions
  •  Every drill requires at least 1 shot at goal!
  •  A range of scenarios 1v1, 2v1, 1v2, all the way to 4v4
  •  Every drill works your goalkeeper
  •  No more boring, repetitive training; 80 drills gives almost endless variety
  •  Drills to suit every skill and age range. Progress from unopposed to opposed drills 

The only drills you'll need

These drills are tried and tested with both grassroots beginners and top youth players in professional academies. They are designed to stimulate players and lead them down the most effective paths of learning.

Some drills get your players working on shooting skills in competitive scenarios, while others are more tactically focused, providing your players with the skills to see the opportunities before them on the pitch. All of them lead to one thing - goals!

Players will develop core skills through the sheer number of touches that each drill guarantees. At the same time they will develop "football vision" - the ability to see spaces on the pitch - as they progress from unopposed to opposed drills, and on to small-sided attacking games.

Soccer Attack! will give you an array of skills, techniques and strategies to give your team an edge.

So why not be among the first to own a copy of this unique resource?

Soccer Attack! will give you a ready-made answer to all of your coaching issues.

Not scoring enough goals?
  - Use a finishing circuit.

Not getting enough crosses into the box?
  - We have a series of crossing exercises.

Passing not sharp enough?
  - Take your pick.

You could use a different drill each session without repeating yourself all season.

Your players will love these drills and games. They'll grow in confidence and maturity, their decision-making will be enhanced and their skill, control and confidence will be super-charged.

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