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Make Your Move DVD

How to coach 39 stunning 1v1 skills

This DVD by Coerver Coaching gives you the tools to teach a lifetime's worth of tricks to beat your team's opponents.



Age: 8-11, 11-16


Skill level: Beginner, Improver

Full Description

You receive 3 discs and 2 bonus discs.


  • Change of Direction Skills
  • Stop and Start Moves
  • Feints
  • Feint Skill Drills
  • Additional Feints
  • 7 Speed Drills

You also get seven change of direction skill drills and four stop and start skill drills. Use the drills to teach your players how to integrate these moves in their game. You'll learn how, when and where you should consider using these moves.

On the bonus discs:

  • 11 Ball Mastery Drills
  • 15 Passing and Receiving Drills
  • Over 30 1v1 Moves
  • Over 15 Skill Drills
  • 13 Speed Exercises
  • 12 Finishing Drills
  • 21 Group Play Drills
  • 9 Fast Break Exercises

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