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Goalkeeping Essentials DVD

Rapidly improve your 'keeper with 22 essential goalkeeping drills

Packed full of over 20 chapters of advisory guidance and drills, this Goalkeeping Essentials DVD takes you through Coerver Coaching's unique five-tiered ‘Pyramid of Goalkeeping' to hone the skills of goalkeepers of any level.



Age: 5-8, 8-11, 11-16


Skill level: Beginner, Improver

Full Description

Encourages rapid improvement: The Pyramid Approach combined with the Coerver Coaching method of graduated pressure allows players to quickly gain confidence and progress through the interconnected levels of the game.

Works for all skill levels: Goalkeeping Essentials covers all the basics for the beginning player and includes drills that can be modified for different skill levels, ages and field conditions.

Teaches techniques to make vital saves: Clear sessions demonstrate how to make saves both under pressure and without pressure.

Develops distribution techniques: Distribution methods such as kicking and throwing are worked on, as well as how to apply them within real game situations.

Instructs on how to command the box: Discussing how to receive the ball in the air and along the ground, the instructor determines how to come off your line with greater confidence and command the box.

Promotes faster footwork: Sessions focus on the importance of footwork in order to boost the ability to move backwards quickly and keep control of your area.

All of this, and more, is first demonstrated in drills, and then highlighted in game situations to ensure you and your players know exactly how to execute what is being coached.

Goalkeeping Essentials is suitable for coaches of players of all abilities and ages, especially those between the ages of five and 16, a period described by many coaches as a young player's ‘golden years of learning.'

The drills this DVD contains are also perfect to be used for refreshing any goalkeeper's technique, be it handling, distribution, or all-round-play.

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