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Elite Soccer 53 with Ronald Koeman

Ronald Koeman - The power of positioning

For many of us, the winter is a time of the year when the pitches can be highly unpredictable - the elements making it a well-watered carpet one week and an ice rink the next!

And yet while having an extra layer of clothing is a necessity, the festive season also makes huge demands on sport’s fixture lists, so any coach worth his or her salt will be looking to take advantage of perhaps a few days off work to plan new ideas and gameplans for the challenges ahead.


Coaching Files

Age: Adult



Session Plans

Skill level: Advanced
No. of pages: 21

Full Description

Ronald Koeman - The power of positioning

Simon Grayson - Defending in midfield

Russell Wilcox - Transition of play (offensive)

Kieran Driscoll - Combination play for fast breaks

Neil Howarth - Beating the block with creative play

Kevin Dillon - Creating space in a 4-5-1 formation

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