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Elite Soccer 46 with Mauricio Pochettino

Pressing initation: Positions • Principles • Purpose

Mauricio Pochettino provides something that embraces technical solidity with a session that teaches players how to master the art of pressing with an end result. A fantastic blueprint that I’m sure will work for you.


Coaching Files

Age: Adult






Skill level: Advanced
No. of pages: 19

Full Description

Karl Robinson helps us explore the possibilities of clever play around the box. John Sheridan takes us slightly closer to goal with a high tempo attacking outline. And from  Darrell Clarke details how defences can improve with a variable crossing practice.

LMA Ambassador Peter Farrell explains how passing and possession through the thirds has been such a success for the clubs he has coached, while our Coaching Consultation comes courtesy of Adam Sadler, the former Manchester City and Newcastle United coach. His appreciation of creating space for attacking breaks is well worth a look.

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