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EasiCoach Soccer Skills Activities U9-U10 Mini Soccer

Part of the EasiCoach Skills Curriculum – helping grassroots coaches teach core soccer skills to young players


New to coaching U9-U10s? Not sure what or how to coach? Help is at hand, even for all "non-football" volunteers


Coaching Manual (PDF)

Age: 8-11




Skill level: Beginner
No. of pages: 123

Full Description

Ready-made, age-appropriate, safe training activities for U9s and U10s, set out clearly in our curriculum so that you don't have to waste time planning individual sessions or making individual development plans for your players.

The manual is called EasiCoach U9-U10 because it's simple and easy to follow and it focuses on one age group. How will this help me?

This EasiCoach U9-U10 manual is a curriculum that includes coaching activities and games that will help you to:

  •     Quickly understand what it is you're trying to achieve.
  •     See what you need to do from just a few words and pictures.
  •     Grasp the key dos and don'ts at a glance.
  •     Check you have all the equipment you need (never more than the basics).
  •     Cater for more or fewer players at your session.
  •     Speak to your players with confidence

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