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EasiCoach Soccer Skills Activities U7-U8 Mini Soccer

Easy to use coaching guides for new coaches, mums and dads

Part of the EasiCoach Skills Curriculum 2015-16 – helping grassroots coaches teach core soccer skills to young players


Coaching Manual (PDF)

Age: 5-8
Skill level: Beginner

Full Description

EasiCoach provides ready-made, age-appropriate, safe training activities, set out clearly on a single page, that even a child could understand.

For each activity there is also a relevant game, so the players learn a skill in an activity and then use that skill in a game. This helps to implant the skill into a player’s DNA for them to use throughout their playing adventure. The activities and games are simple and easy to follow, and will make your life easier.

How does this help you? EasiCoach coaching activities will help you to:

• Quickly understand what it is you’re trying to achieve.
• See what you need to do from just a few words and pictures.
• Grasp the key dos and don’ts at a glance.
• Check you have all the equipment you need (never more than basics).
• Cater for more or fewer players at your session.
• Speak to your players with confidence.

But here’s what’s really great about the EasiCoach approach. Follow all the materials in this manual and your players will be learning the right skills for their age group. They will be having more fun, and be on a gradual development pathway that will make them better, more skilful, players and continue playing soccer for longer.

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