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64 Small Sided Soccer Games volume 2

Coaching core skills to advanced tactics

Small-sided games are acknowledged throughout the coaching profession - from grassroots to the top of the professional game - as one of the best ways to coach football skills and tactics.


Coaching Manual

Age: 11-16


Skill level: Improver
No. of pages: 96

Full Description

64 Small-Sided Soccer Games volume 2 follows a similar format to the first book, 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games. But in a big change to the first book, this book groups complementary games together for you to use on one multi-pitch. It means you can plan a training session in which a number of games are played simultaneously and players rotate from game to game.

A few of the best games have been cherry-picked from the first book to show you how to adapt them to a multi-pitch set up. But you can rest assured that the majority of the games in 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games volume 2 are absolutely brand new. (Print Coaching Manual version).

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