Here at Soccer Coach Weekly we have been working on making improvements for our customers.  Soon we’ll have exciting news to share about a new website, that we hope will give subscribers and those who enjoy our books even greater value.

To ensure you continue to have access to the content you have purchased from, please download your PDF purchases from your library to your hard drive and make a record of any receipts. 

From July 16th 2017 we will close the website and you will no longer be able to access your purchases or view your details in the My Account area.

Please download your purchases to your hard drive to ensure your continued enjoyment of Soccer Coach Weekly content once this site has closed. From next week you can view and buy Soccer Coach Weekly subscriptions and books at

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New products

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What are the best soccer drills?

Choosing the best soccer drills can be difficult as there are so many variables involved.

Selecting the best shooting drills for a group of U8 players is going to give you a completely different set of drills than if you were selecting the best shooting drills for U18 players. recognises that problem and solves it by providing you with a range of filters that make it easy for you to search for drills based on the age of your players, their ability/skill level and your experience as a coach. 

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